About the Charities

The Prison Break project is proud to be raising money and awareness for the following charities, and the amazing work they do for prisoners, their families, and prisoners’ conditions, both in the UK and abroad.

There is a brief summary of some of the work each of the charities do below, and we strongly encourage you to visit their website to find out more information.


Prison Reform Trust

The Prison Reform Trust (PRT) is an independent UK charity working to create a just, humane and effective penal system.

Thy do this by inquiring into the workings of the system; informing prisoners, staff and the wider public; and by influencing Parliament, government and officials towards reform.


Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.

Amnesty International are the lead campaigners for the abolision of the Death Penalty for prisoners, as well working to support prisoners’ rights as defined in International Human Rights Acts, both overseas and in the UK


Clean Break

Clean Break is an independent UK charity that uses theatre for personal and political change, working with women whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system.